"Learning the rules makes me feel smart! When I don't know the words, I use the vowel rules."

"My favorite part is singing the songs."

"Reading was really hard. My friends could read much better. The Smart Chart really helped me to catch up."

"Thank you for teaching us such wonderful things!"

"Wouldn't it be fun if Readersville was like Disney World with all the characters.... are they real?!?"


"Explaining when to use the vowel sounds to Matt, made reading more enjoyable instead of frustrating." 

"Your Voweletics program is exceptional! We are grateful for all the time, effort and energy you put into it.”

“Teach it at our schools!!!”

"It all worked! My daughter's reading skills have improved 100%. The connection Abigail made was amazing!"

“Amazing!  Simply incredible!"



"I have often wondered how you can take a complex, learning-to-read process and simplify it. Voweletics has done it!"

"I don't know of any other program that teaches directly to the vowel sounds and vowel patterns, as does Voweletics. You are really on to something!"

"What is Voweletics? Fun to teach! Fun to learn! The songs and characters get them hooked right away. The lessons flow quickly enough to keep their attention, and the review activities guarantee understanding."

"You have put a lot of creative thought into this program. I appreciate the comprehensive approach you have developed and the engaging way it is presented to children." 

“The program you have developed has provided numerous children with the tools they need to both master the art of reading and to develop an enduring love for it as well.”


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