To become a good reader, it is essential to know the right vowel sounds and when to use them in words. Voweletics takes the guessing out of learning to read. Voweletics provides a method that consolidates the phonetic code into three simple rules while making learning fun! 

The three phonetic rules form the structure for decoding any word and take the guessing out of learning to read. Each rule uses the revolutionary new approach that makes determining the vowel sound almost mathematical. The Voweletics LOOK! THINK! READ! system is applied every time a reader encounters a new word. These are rules that readers will use for a lifetime! 


Multi-sensory components (visual, auditory and kinesthetic) are used in each lesson. These components encourage the use of the analytical left brain and the creative right brain. This technique facilitates rapid comprehension and memory recall. 

Voweletics students demonstrate acceleration in decoding skills, reading fluency and overall comprehension. Significant results can be see in as little as 10 weeks, and smiles can be seen in as little as 10 minutes!


Your Map for Success

Let Voweletics help you guide your children down the path to successful reading.

Our step-by-step teaching tutorials give you the essentials to take the frustration out of teaching your children reading.

Whether your children need additional support or accelerated skills, Voweletics provides the way.


Kicking it off...
On the Right Note

You know those phone numbers or company names you always remember because they are tied to a catchy jingle?

We do, too! That's why we created original songs with our own catchy beats to help your children remember the vowel sound rules.

Let's kick it off with the Voweletics Medley song below!


Practice Makes Perfect

Word Lists provide vowel sound practice and help your children build vocabulary.

Each Word List is accompanied by a read-along audio file to enhance fluency.

Cumulative Word List Reviews assess which vowel sounds may need to be reviewed.


Sight Word Development

Self-checking word sets with audio files build high frequency word proficiency. Continuously practicing sight words and sight word phrases improve your children's reading comprehension.

Progress tracking charts for sight words and sight word phrases can be found in the back of the Workbook. Completing these charts gives children the feeling of accomplishment.


Bring in the

Voweletics provides learning activities precisely coordinated to meet your children's needs. These tools are all you'll need to put the joy into learning to read!

Teaching songs, word sorts, stories, poems, fluency audio files and charts... our strong array of reinforcements to support students and teachers every step of way.


Welcome to Readersville

Throughout its 26 lessons, Voweletics has creatively layered in a storyline with characters that engage children and get them excited to read. Each new vowel sound has a unique character that serves as a guide word.

The Voweletics characters live in Readersville, the enchanting town where learning takes place! Each delightful character not only serves as the guide word, but teaches life values through their song lyrics, stories and poems.