Children develop the confidence to accurately sound out words  

To become a good reader, it is essential to know the right vowel sounds and when to use them in words. 
Voweletics provides a method that consolidates the phonetic code into three simple rules while making learning fun! 

The three phonetic rules form the structure for decoding any word and take the guessing out of learning to read. Each rule uses the revolutionary new approach that makes determining the vowel sound almost mathematical. The Voweletics LOOK! THINK! READ! system is applied every time a reader encounters a new word. These are rules that readers will use for a lifetime! 



Vowel sounds can be tricky! The words hen, he and her all contain the letter "e", but the letter "e" makes a different sound in each word. Can you explain why? Don't worry - because most people can't. Let us teach you why! 

Voweletics The New Phonetics teaches the reader which vowel sounds are heard in words by looking at the vowel pattern and applying our LOOK! THINK! READ! method. 

hen he her.001.jpeg

Step 1 - LOOK at the vowels before you go! 

The word hen has one vowel, so we will use the Voweletics Rule - WHAT TO DO #1

Step 2 - THINK which vowel sound it will say. 

The letter "e" has letters after it, making this a short vowel pattern. 

Step 3 - READ the word, now that's the way! 

This Voweletics character serves as the guide word so readers know which vowel sound a short "e" makes. 

Congratulations! You just learned the LOOK! THINK READ! method. Now that you have the insider's scoop on how learning the vowels can be made simple, let us show you how learning these rules be fun at the same time. 

One of the great ways Voweletics teaches and helps reinforce the vowels sounds and rules is through music. Every vowel sound and phonetic rule has a corresponding teaching song to ensure learning success. 

Listen to the WHAT TO DO #1 rule song to see just how fun learning can be. The jazzy beat and creative lyrics are sure to have you and your child tapping your feet.

 It's time to get your groove on...  Go ahead and have a listen!

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