Voweletics: Learn-to-Read | Phonics | Fun & Engaging
The revolutionary new way of teaching phonics

Multi-Sensory Components

the foundation for academic success

Voweletics uses super-memory techniques to accelerate the learning-to-read process

Voweletics - The New Phonetics offers a variety of interactive activities that engage the learner. Multi-sensory components (visual, auditory and kinesthetic) are used in each lesson. These components encourage the use of the analytical left brain and the creative right brain. This technique facilitates rapid comprehension and memory recall.  

Voweletics students demonstrate acceleration in decoding skills, reading fluency and overall comprehension. Significant results can be see in as little as ten weeks, and smiles can be seen in as little as ten minutes!




All Voweletics - The New Phonetics components are highly visual, motivating and engaging. Each one builds upon one another to provide an enjoyable and successful learning experience.   

  • 23 original songs teach the 18 distinct vowel sounds and their associated rules. The memorable lyrics in each song reinforce Voweletics reading principles. 
  • Web-based read-along audio files for word lists, stories, poems, songs, spelling exercises and commonly used words increase reading fluency. 
  • Three color-coded reading charts provide students with the map to effectively sound out words. Studies support the effectiveness of bright colors to improve retention.

Sit back, relax and watch this video to learn how it's all pulled together!