​Prevent Bullying With Pro-Goodness

October is National Anti-Bullying Month. As this month comes to a close, I love that we have focused nationally on treating each other well. It is sorely needed as a universal focus. However, this is also quite bittersweet for me. In my heart, we should focus on goodness, kindness and wonderful values EVERY DAY. I know that each one of you feels exactly the same way. I feel strongly that being PRO always trumps ANTI.

The need to express anti-bullying has been on the rise. I am not suggesting that bullying does not exists because sadly, it does.  With the advent of technology, it has only become exponentially more harmful and widespread. As an educator, I commonly hear, “So and so is bullying me.” I always address the children’s needs and speak with the child/children that treated them unwisely.  The question always comes down to - ”Did you think with your heart?” The answer is always, “NO!”

As the founder of Voweletics™ The New Phonetics, I saw the need 10 years ago to develop characters that epitomized the qualities all joyful, happy children/adults yearn to express. You can see how our five short vowel characters were created to express just a few of these goodness attributes through their signature song lyrics:


Life will be good when you have a good attitude.
Life will be good when you have a good attitude.
Will you wear a smile or a frown?
Wear a smile ‘cause it won’t get you down!


Let it go…let it flow!
Just let the worries of the day
Vanish and be on their way.
Let it go…let it flow!


In an instant we can be,
Anyone you choose, you see.
But often it's to hide,
How we really feel inside.


A friend's there when you're happy.
A friend's there when you're sad. 
A friend will stand right by your side,
In good times and in bad!


I need a hug! Just a squeeze, then hold me tight.
I need a hug! I promise I won't bite. 
Then take a little time to see,
Just what a great friend I can actually be!

I am a HUGE advocate for preventing the bullying with Pro-Goodness. If we can demonstrate these essential human qualities and point out continually the internal joy that thinking with our hearts brings to others and ourselves, the Anti-Bullying effort may not be needed.