Keeping Up With School Reading Logs

Back in October we wrote a blog post about tracking your child’s reading minutes at home while using small, little to no cost at all incentives along the way. While we still support this great idea, if your child’s classroom teacher is requiring a certain amount of reading to be happening each night, it can be overwhelming both for you and your child.

For many kids, reading 16 days a month or 20 minutes each school night is a breeze, and in that case as a parent you may want to increase your child’s goal and communicate with their teacher why you feel this is a good idea. Keep in mind your child should also be involved in this conversation. But, for others this simple task can cause a battle at home.

Maybe there aren’t enough hours in the day, or your child is involved in one or two after school activities. Maybe you have three, four or more kids at home and you can’t devote the time you’d like to help each child reach their classroom reading goals. Maybe it’s bath night or you need to run a few errands after school.  Or just maybe for your child, they just don’t like to read. There, I said it!!! Well, whatever the reason may be, it isn’t always easy getting your child to read every night.

So, we’d like to give some tips and tricks to try and help. First of all, the reason for reading goals at school is because the more they read the better readers they become…simple as that. However, you can encourage reading in a variety of ways. Refer to our Beating Those Winter Blues blog post from early January for some great ideas.

CLICK HERE to view a great website below that highlights free reading websites for kids. Each of these resources offer something a little different, and you are sure to find something for your young reader. And last and probably most importantly, be reasonable when marking your child’s reading log. Happy Reading!