DIY Prep for Summer Reading Engagement


The end of the school year is fast approaching.  Get ahead of the summer woes about reading. Take a peek at the ideas below to help your child stay engaged all summer long.

It is no surprise to any of us anymore that students can slip during the summer.  I am talking slip’n’slide in their reading skills. In those early grades, especially those who are just learning to read; if reading isn’t practiced during the summer, the progress can often take a halt or in some cases deteriorate. So, what can you do to keep reading alive in the summer?

Have your child make a list of some books or authors they like. Then, set up a system. If your child reads x number of books, pages or minutes, then he or she can earn a new favorite book from that author.  Children love to read books that are either from the same author or in a book series. It perks their interest. Perked interest means more reading!

Get some ideas from other parents or your child’s teacher. Send out an email or FACEBOOK post: What are some books your child likes? Ask your school librarian or public library staff if they have recommendations. Maybe your child isn’t aware of a series that will knock their socks off.

Get involved in the summer reading programs at your school and local libraries. It’s easy! All you have to do is sign up and cool incentives plus freebies await your child for simply reading!

The big take away here is to plan ahead and have a chat with your child. Explain your expectations about reading over the summer - why it’s important and get their input. Oh, yeah, and read with them some days or simply enjoy your own book beside them. You will both remember those moments. Have fun creating memories through books and reading!

Voweletics will provide your child with a plan to improve their reading skills. Summer is a great time to fill in those extra reading skills.  Go to our website to learn more. Joyful learning awaits them!