How Graphic Organizers Can Improve Comprehension


Graphic organizers help students to construct meaning in a visual way. They can be used with a variety of genres and across all grade levels. They allow students to lay out a framework for new information that gives students a systematic way to organize and connect with the material.  They are an effective comprehension tool.

There are many types of graphic organizers; such as a story map, cause and effect map or Venn diagram. Teaching your child how to use different graphic organizers will help them to communicate their thoughts. By writing down one’s thoughts, one is able to understand new information and explain this knowledge more clearly and concisely. When students can organize information, they can become better critical thinkers.

A parent or an educator can use the graphic organizers to check for understanding before, during and after reading. It allows an insight into your child’s thinking process. There are lots of online resources for graphic organizers, such as this one

I encourage you to try out the graphic organizer with a favorite storybook. Let a graphic organizer guide your child in retelling a story. Then have your child retell the story to another adult or sibling using their graphic organizer. You will be pleased with what you hear!