Fun DIY Reading Trackers Your Kids Will Love

Is it necessary to keep track of reading minutes?

No, it’s not necessary to track the amount of time your child spends reading, but it can push some children to read more. Start with a goal relatable to your child’s age and ability. On average, a child between the ages of six and seven should be reading approximately 10 minutes a school night. Each year on average, it should increase by 5 minutes. For older students or those avid younger readers, challenge them to read books from a variety of genres. Have them read 2 mysteries, 2 chapter books, 1 picture book, etc. But remember. this can vary based on your child’s ability and interest in reading. Once you and your child have a monthly goal, then together pick the incentive. See below a list of incentives - most are FREE!!!

There are a couple of ways to keep your child engaged during their reading challenge. Make a calendar for your child to log their minutes. They could even time themselves with a timer, too. Kids love timers - especially the ones used for running! You could also help your child make a paper chain. A paper chain could have a loop for each night they are to read on one month. They could keep this in their bedroom or in their reading corner (see previous blog).  Tear one off for each book read, 15 minutes of reading, etc.  Help them to make the paper chains….pick out scrapbook paper, make it fun!

Now for the incentives! Here are some for free: listen to music during homework time, sleeping bag sleepover in their bedroom or Mom or Dad’s if you are up for the challenge, go to the park, go for a walk with the family,do a craft with Mom or Dad, popcorn and movie night (maybe even based on one of the books read that past month) Ahhhhh… that might be the next blog post! Whatever the incentive is, make it easy, something you are willing to provide, and something they’ll love. They could even make a list for free. There are always the usual candy options, ice cream treats or dollar store finds that often do the trick as well. But in my experience, spending time with Mom or 1dad is always a favorite!

Set a goal ….. make it happen!