Easy Ways to Sneak in a Short Reading Activity

Looking for easy ways to sneak in a short reading activity? Here are some quick tips you can easily incorporate to help nurture a successful reader.

  1. While your child is practicing his/her spelling words, have them underline the short vowel in each word. This helps to look for the vowel pattern that makes the vowel short.

  2. It is an important skill to link reading to writing. Grab your child’s favorite book, pick one short vowel and have them write down a list of words that have that short vowel sound from the book. Next, have them read the list three times. This helps them to become good detectives…always on the lookout for the sounds heard in words plus helps to encourage reading fluency.

  3. Have your child write one sentence using as many short o words as they can. Example: Olly the octopus is flopping on an odd rock that looks like an octagon. Encourage them read their sentence out loud! This stretches their brain and makes the learning so silly and fun!

  4. Give your child some independence when practicing words with short vowels. Let them make their own flashcards, and then use those flashcards to quiz them. This helps to create thoughtful learners which leads to successful learners!!!

What tips/tricks have you found helpful in the learning-to-read process? We would love to hear your ideas!