DIY Winter Reading Challenge

The holidays are here and in many places the temperatures have begun to drop. For some families reading can be easily pushed to the wayside because things like gift wrapping, decorating, holiday get togethers, and school concerts, just to name a few, are all around us.

One way to keep the reading flowing is to create a challenge for your family. I say “family” because it’s good for kids to see mom and dad taking time amidst all the craziness of life to stop and read. When they see you make it a priority, they will often make it a priority.

First set your goal, so many books a day, so many minutes a day, etc. and think of a fun reward: cookie decorating, hot chocolate with all the fixings, sledding, holiday movie night. Make the reward worthwhile and family orientated.

Have the creative bug? Have your kids decorate a Christmas mug and glue on a mini marshmallow each day they complete the challenge. Or again you can use a paper chain to help kids visualize their growth.

There are also tons of great ideas on Pinterest and websites like Teachers Pay Teachers. Here is an example of one that's free and super fun: Winter Break Marshmallow Reading Challenge