Creating a Reading Space


Creating a reading space is a great experience to share with your child. It's just so much fun! Let your creative juices flow because the possibilities are endless. Here are a few suggestions to get you started:

  1. Identify the location - First, you need to decide as a team where the best spot for a reading nook should be built. Should it be in your child’s bedroom, an office space or a toy room? The space should be chosen by both you and your child. You want your child to look forward to reading in this space! The spot should be cozy, quiet and have great light for reading.

  2. Find comfortable seats - Fill the nook with soft seating options that will entice your child to frequently relax and read a book. Beanbag chairs, a daybed or some big throw pillows are all great, inexpensive options you probably already have around your house.

  3. Provide inviting lighting - Adding a floor lamp or a string of lights that make for a fun reading atmosphere day or night.

  4. Design a bookshelf - Use a milk crate, end table or bin to store to store the books. You could also add a small table for writing.

The idea is to be creative, and let your little one become one of the designers. Hopefully, this special reading space becomes one of their favorite spots at home!