Beating the Winter Blues

Brrrr!!! It’s cold out there! Well, for many of us, this winter weather has families cooped up inside. But for all families, sometimes a change is in order during these longer winter months. Here is a fun way to incorporate reading without actually using a book!

Play a board game! What, you say, a board game? Yes, find a new board game your kids haven’t played yet. Maybe a new one on the shelves, one you played when you were younger, or even one you think might be a bit too old for them. Or, pick a few games and make it Family Game Night! 

Now here’s where the reading comes in. Have your child read aloud the directions - explaining the game to the rest of the family. Then even during the game, lots of reading can take place - depending on which game you choose.

Here is a list of some games for kids with a variety of ages: Monopoly Jr., Clue Jr., Scattergories, Pictionary, Scrabble, Sorry, Guess Who, Stratego, Catan, Ticket to Ride, etc.

Some of these games have reading and writing during the game. Others do not, but there is a lot of thinking going on - asking your child to explain why they made that move all ties into their comprehension of what’s happening in the game.

You could also have kids design their own board game. First, have them make the game board and any pieces they need to, then have them write the rules, and last, play! Remember, whether you are playing an old game, new game, or one your child invented, be sure to play with them and have fun!