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How To Bring Reading to the Outdoors

Sometimes your kids would rather be outside, right? And, sometimes, so would you! There are lots of fun ways to bring reading to the outdoors.

One easy way is to create a reading space outside. Maybe it’s just a quilt and a couple pillows, or a lawn chair where you can kick back and relax. What about just laying out a beach towel, throwing up a tent or even finding a good tree to read in its shade? Any of these ideas would entice a child to bring a good book outdoors and enhance reading enjoyment.

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Stretching Out Ideas in Writing

“Writing …hummm…some kids love it, some kids hate it,” said one parent to another. I think all children start somewhere with their writing skills. All children can grow to like, and dare say, even love writing! While we have discussed how watching children blossom with reading is fantastic; it is equally impressive watching them grow into a wondrous writer!

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How Graphic Organizers Can Improve Comprehension

Graphic organizers are an effective comprehension tool because they help students to construct meaning in a visual way. They provide students with a systematic way to organize and connect with new reading material, and they can be used in any grade level. 

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How To Help Your Child Develop A Love For Reading

To help your children improve their reading skills and develop a love for reading, you need to be certain they know how to sound out words with confidence. Early reading improves so quickly for children once they have this confidence. They will then become eager readers and find joy using their reading skills.

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