Voweletics® The New Phonetics
Revolutionizing the Learn-to-Read Process

BU Publishing L.L.C., incorporated in 2006, had its beginnings with its signature product Voweletics The New Phonetics. Founded by Jane Volden, an educator for over 30 years specializing in reading instruction, Voweletics was developed to meet the need for a better, simpler way to help all students achieve reading success.

Jane gained deep insight serving as a classroom teacher in grades 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 5th and 6th. She instructed in classrooms using the Voweletics method in grades K – 2nd, as well as using Voweletics when serving as a reading resource teacher for students requiring both remediation and enrichment. In addition, she served as a professional development educator assisting teachers in ways to teach foundational reading skills.

All the while, Jane served as a private reading tutoring for over 20 years, assisting children ages 5 – 13 that experienced reading difficulty. Here, Jane continued to apply and perfect the Voweletics reading method. She experienced pure joy helping children overcome reading difficulties and working with deeply, grateful parents. Her dream was materializing; Voweletics The New Phonetics was making a difference in the lives of others.

“Joy” has always been Jane’s favorite word. It elicits happiness and delight, and she was determined to bring joyful learning to others.  Lucky are we that Jane created a successful reading roadmap, but also succeeded in putting the joy into learning to read.

She knew that to stop guessing at words, the vowel sounds must be mastered. These must be taught to readers, and they must be memorable. She used her love for singing and theater to create the stage for fun learning. Teaching songs, endearing characters living in Readersville and interactive phonics charts became the Voweletics core to teach the essential reading skills.


It was a daunting task to develop, test and perfect a successful reading method. Perseverance, determination and dedication were essential.  Jane had the help of many talented and dedicated individuals, most especially her daughter Kate, who provided all the artistic and graphic design expertise bringing life to the reading program. Voweletics The New Phonetics is truly revolutionizing learning to read.

Meet Jane and those instrumental in her beginning stages of development and continue to support this effort to improve literacy. Her heartfelt gratitude will forever be linked to these special individuals who understood her vision and helped to move it forward. 

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