Voweletics: Learn-to-Read | Phonics | Fun & Engaging
The revolutionary new way of teaching phonics




Changing the way children learn to read!

Readersville is the enchanting town where learning takes place! Memorable characters serve as vowel sound guide words and teach life values through their song lyrics, stories and poems. Interactive charts, creative teaching songs and integrated activities makes learning easy and fun.  

A simple, systematic approach 


Reading development skills are essential for academic success. Voweletics has created a simplesystematic approach to sounding out words that is fun & engaging. When a child knows how to sound out a word, they know how to read! Our research-based approach ensures the reader understands how and why the vowel sounds are different, and the multi-sensory components make learning fun and impactful. 

Knowing the correct vowel sounds to use in words is the hardest part of reading. Voweletics ensures learners have this knowledge while making it extra fun to learn!

Voweletics is geared towards early readers ages 5-9+, accelerated readers, struggling readers and ESL learners needing help with reading & spelling. Click on an icon below to learn more about Voweletics - The New Phonetics. 



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