Voweletics® The New Phonetics is rooted in the belief that strong phonetic instruction is key to academic success. The program was developed by a team of educators passionate about taking the guessing out of learning to read; while cultivating a joyful and rewarding experience for teachers and students. 

Voweletics is an effective reading program that teaches phonemic awareness, phonics, vocabulary, fluency and comprehension using an engaging, multi-sensory method that parents, teachers and children love! Voweletics provides a simple, systematic method for sounding out words that is fun and engaging.

Our research-based approach ensures the reader understands how and why the vowel sounds are different.


Voweletics benefits early readers, accelerated readers, struggling readers and ESL learners needing help with reading and spelling. The only pre-requisite is an understanding of the consonant sounds, as Voweletics The New Phonetics puts its focus on the hardest part of reading - the vowel sounds. 

Voweletics offers curriculum to academic institutions and homeschool parents. We also offer a hands-on program for parents. Click below to learn more about the program we designed for you!




Voweletics is endorsed by the National Right to Read Foundation.