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Welcome to Voweletics The New Phonetics! 

It’s time to go through some essential steps to get you started with Voweletics!

Before Starting Lesson 1 

Set aside some time in the next couple days to work through the How-To Articles described below to set you and your child up for success when starting Lesson 1. 

  1. Work your way through the GETTING STARTED section to learn how to chart and fingerspell. These are two teaching methods you will use throughout the Voweletics program to help make your child a successful reader. You will also learn how to use your Lesson Plan as an easy guide to teaching your child the new vowel pattern or sound. 
  2. Read through the LESSON ACTIVITIES section. Here you will learn how to use the activities found in nearly every Voweletics Lesson. Feel free to jump into the Web Portal at anytime to see these activities first-hand. 
  3. Read the Word Family Activity under ADDITIONAL ACTIVITIES because there is a Word Family found in Lesson 1. But don't read the rest of them! These activities will be learned as you progress through the program. 

After completing Lesson 1

ADDITIONAL ACTIVITIES are found intermittently throughout the Voweletics program. For example, you won't find a Martian Madness until you get to Lesson 5. So no need to bother learning how these work today!!! Just pop back over to the Getting Started Guide when you first see a new activity listed under a Lesson.

It may take you one or two lessons to get the hang of it, but hat's okay! Feel free to resource the How-To Articles for any activity at anytime!

If you have any more questions that are not currently addressed, please reach out to us