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Check Your Progress

Each Voweletics lesson teaches one new vowel skill. The Check Your Progress activity pulls all the skills together. At the end of each lesson, there is a cumulative list of words having all the vowel patterns taught in previous lessons. Check Your Progress is found at the end of the Student Workbook.  

How To Use

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Tips and Suggestions

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  • Use the SMART CHART Resource Chart for this activity. Your child will need to choose which one of WHAT TO DO rules to use based upon how many vowels there are in the word and where the vowels are placed.

    • Lessons 1 - 10 reviews use WTD #1

    • Lessons 11 - 21 reviews use WTD #1 and WTD #2 

    • Lessons 22 - 26 reviews use WTD #2  and WHATNOW