Is your child having a hard time reading?

You're not alone

64% of 4th Graders in America read BELOW grade level proficiency.
In a classroom with 20 students, that's fewer than 8 children reading with ease. 

The Nation's Report Card   Dashboard Data, 2015

How do we ensure your child is successful?

STRong Phonetic instruction

The US Department of Education formed the National Reading Panel in 1997 to study and determine the most effective way to teach reading. They concluded an effective reading program has the following components:

  1. Phonemic Awareness - hearing and manipulating sounds
  2. Phonics - associating sounds with letters
  3. Vocabulary - choosing words to communicate
  4. Fluency - reading text smoothly
  5. Comprehension - understanding what we read

Can you explain why the "e" in hen, he and her each makes a different sound?

Has your child ever reached a word they didn't know and just started guessing? Most likely it wasn't the consonant sound that stopped them in their tracks. It was the vowel sound. Our English language has five basic vowels (a, e, i, o, u) that make a total of 18 different sounds. The vowel sounds are the hardest part of learning to read, but all those vowel sounds must be mastered before becoming a successful reader.

Guessing at words just doesn't work! Without a solid understanding of phonics, strong vocabulary, fluency and comprehension are rarely achieved. This is why strong phonetic instruction is so critical to academic success.

Voweletics The New Phonetics® is a proven solution.

A fun and affordable approach to phonics

Voweletics® The New Phonetics was developed by a teacher who got frustrated trying to find an effective reading program teaching phonics in a vibrant manner. She designed a reading program that teaches phonemic awareness, phonics, vocabulary, fluency and comprehension using an engaging, multi-sensory approach that parents, teachers and children love! 

Voweletics provides a simple, systematic method for sounding out words that is fun and engaging. Our research-based approach ensures the reader understands how and why the vowel sounds are different, and the multi-sensory components make learning fun and impactful. 

Voweletics benefits early readers, accelerated readers, struggling readers and ESL learners needing help with reading and spelling. The only pre-requisite is an understanding of the consonant sounds, as Voweletics The New Phonetics puts its focus on the hardest part of reading - the vowel sounds. 

Voweletics offers varying program to parents, homeschool parents and academic institutions. Click below to learn more. 




Voweletics is endorsed by the National Right to Read Foundation.