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Oh, yes…a favorite activity for children, along with the songs! This video will show how to use the chips and charts for a fun, hands-on learning experience. Charting is the cornerstone of the Voweletics reading method. It allows children to map out the internal process needed to accurately sound out words. Use the charts provided with the Voweletics program when reading books and encountering new words. This is how to give your child the necessary life-long skills to become wonderful readers!

How To Use

Watch this video to learn how Charting works.  

Tips and Suggestions

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  • The vowel characters are found throughout the program and should always be used to reinforce the vowel sounds. 
  • The five short vowel characters are the kids in Readersville and show how we should treat one another.  You can use these character to teach not only essential vowel rules, but also nurture essential values to live by.