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Chalkboard Session

The Chalkboard Session are your step-by-step guide to learn the Voweletics reading method. Each of the 26 lessons start with the Chalkboard Session. It is here where you will learn the verbiage to use when working with your child, the proper way to use the accompanying Resource Charts and much more. 

Each Chalkboard Session is approximately seven minutes long. They are designed for you to do the Chalkboard Session with your child. Your child will have their Resource Charts and chips ready to work along with the web teacher in the Chalkboard Session

How To Use

Click the arrows to progress through the how-to steps. 

Tips and Suggestions

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  • Use the PAUSE button to help pace the charting. When words are presented for your child to chart:
  1. PAUSE the video to allow your child to chart the word on their own.
  2. Restart the video to check their charting, fingerspelling and then read the word.
  3. Continue in similar fashion for all the charting words in the Chalkboard Session.