Reading development skills are essential for academic success. Voweletics™ has created a simplesystematic approach to sounding out words that is fun & engaging for both parent and child. Watch the short video below to see just how much fun you and your children can have! The Vowel Boogie, a Voweletics-original song, may get you dancing, too.  

When a child knows how to sound out a word, they know how to read. Our research-based approach ensures the reader understands how and why the vowel sounds are different. The multi-sensory components make learning fun and impactful. 

It CAN be as easy as 1-2-3!

The New Phonetics is available for parents, homeschool parents and school curriculum.  It is geared towards:

  • Early readers ages 5-9+
  • Struggling readers
  • ESL learners needing help with reading & spelling

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