Voweletics™ is a simple, easy-to-use reading method that transforms the learning-to-read process into an enjoyable and rewarding experience.

Voweletics was developed by a reading teacher who saw first-hand the struggles children were having when learning to read. Her deep understanding of the English language, along with her love of children and music, meshed together to create the Voweletics™ reading method. She identified a systematic method of teaching that's both vibrant and engaging! Her goal is to provide students with skills for lifelong reading and spelling. This approach reaches students at a fundamental level where fun and true learning meet.

Bring Voweletics into your home or school, and watch your child's reading confidence soar! 

Voweletics™ offers a variety of vibrant, interactive activities to engage the learner.

Listen to some sample songs!

  • Web-based, read-along audio files that accompany word lists, stories, poems, songs, spelling exercises and commonly used words (high frequency) increase reading fluency.
  • 23 original songs teach the 18 distinct vowel sounds and their associated rules. The memorable lyrics in each song reinforce Voweletics™ reading principles.
  • Supplemental print materials
  • Chalkboard Tutorial Sessions
  • 5 Character Counts

Voweletics lays the foundation for reading success!




  • Voweletics is phonics-based, systematic reading program

  • Voweletics™ uses super memory techniques to accelerate the learning-to-read process

  • Voweletics™ utilizes a color-coded system. Studies support the effectiveness of bright colors in improving retention

  • Voweletics™ incorporates the five criteria identified by the National Reading Panel as necessary requirements for an effective, comprehensive reading program