The English language has 18 distinct vowel sounds that must be mastered to become successful readers. 
It's no wonder learning to read seems to be so difficult!

No More Just Memorizing Words 

Voweletics™ has created a simple, systematic approach to learning these vowel sounds that give new readers the confidence to correctly sound out words.

Our research-based approach ensures the reader understands how and why the vowel sounds are different. The multi-sensory components make learning fun and impactful.  

One Reading Program Fits Many Needs

  • Early readers ages 5-9+
  • Struggling readers
  • ESL learners needing help with reading & spelling

Experts agree that reading development skills are essential for academic success. Give your child the advantage they need to succeed! Voweletics™ The New Phonetics is available for parents, homeschool parents and school curriculum. 

Share Voweletics™ with your child, and help them become a great reader.

Voweletics™ Takes Learning to the Next Level

Any reading program can associate the word "apple" to the vowel sound short a

Voweletics™ take a different approach.

We developed whimsical characters to teach the vowel sounds. Each character has its own unique personality that is carried throughout the songs, poems, worksheets and many other aspects of the program. They teach core values and show readers how much kindness counts. We sincerely hope children use these values to help make our world a better place. 

Meet the short vowel characters below! 


Life is better with a good attitude

 Be calm and caring in all situations 

Don't be judgmental of others  

Be a good friend to everyone

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Have compassion towards others


Ready for More?!

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Go behind the scenes to learn why Voweletics™ The New Phonetics method is so successful, and why it's the right fit for you and your child!

Learn more about each component included in Voweletics™ The New Phonetics, and you'll see how we put the joy back into learning to read!