What is the Voweletics™ reading program?

Voweletics™... The New Phonetics is a proven reading program that teaches, assesses and tracks foundational reading skills. Voweletics has developed a revolutionary method to consolidate the phonetic code into three simple rules. These rules form the structure for decoding any word.

Simply memorizing words is a thing of the past! Voweletics helps the learner understand how & why the vowel sounds are different. Learners develop confidence to effectively sound out words.

What products does Voweletics™ offer? 

Who needs Voweletics™... The New Phonetics?

  • Early readers ages 5-9+
  • Struggling readers
  • ESL learners needing help with reading & spelling

Who can purchase Voweletics™... The New Phonetics?

  • Parents
  • Homeschool Parents
  • Schools 

What are others saying about Voweletics™?

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