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Head Start!

Experts agree that reading development skills are essential for academic success. Give your child the advantage they need to succeed. Share Voweletics™ with your child and help them to become a confident and successful reader!!!

Putting the joy back into learning to read...

Voweletics™ provides a simple, systematic approach to learning the necessary pronunciation skills for reading and building vocabulary. The English language has 18 distinct vowel sounds that must be mastered to read effectively and fluently. Choosing the correct vowel sound to use in a word is the most difficult part of reading.

  • Voweletics™ offers a variety of interactive activities to engage the learner.
  • 23 original songs teach the 18 distinct vowel sounds and their associated rules. The memorable lyrics in each song reinforce Voweletics™ reading principles.
  • The program's delightful characters teach each distinct vowel sound. For example, the character Iggly introduces the short "i" vowel sound.
  • Web-based, read-along audio files that accompany word lists, stories, poems, songs, spelling exercises and commonly used words (high frequency) increase reading fluency.
  • Web-based teaching aides are provided for the teacher to both instruct and reinforce the Voweletics™ principles.
  • Easy-to-follow, color-coded reading charts with every vowel sound and vowel rule are at your fingertips for easy reference.

Voweletics™ ensures the reader understands how and why the vowel sounds are different.

For example: "hen", "he" and "her" - these words share the same vowel "e", but require three distinctly different pronunciations to properly pronounce and correctly read. The reader utilizes this knowledge when sounding out new words.

With Voweletics™, instead of just memorizing thousands of words, readers finally have the ability to correctly and confidently sound out words.

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